Are you wanting to adopt a cat ? You should think very carefully before you do as to whether or not you can devote your time to the animal,

Cats Proection website
Cats Protection website

and be able to care and look after the cat properly. When adopting a cat, the cat’s consideration and needs should always be put first.

Some things to consider when thinking about cat adoption :-

  • Home location – is it suitable for a cat (Cats Protection would perform a home visit to check this out with you)
  • Do you have small children ?
  • Do you have any other animals ?
  • The cat (or cats) will need insurance
  • Can you cover the Vet fees for regular innoculations etc

For the very best advice, you should contact Cats Protection who will be able to guide you through all the information and everything you will need to adopt a cat.

The video below was created by Cats Protection and is their “Cat Manifesto” – give it a watch – it’s great!

To find your nearest branch, and to find out more information, please visit the Cats Protection website using the following link :-